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riccardo rizzi

COI, namely auxiliary currency, it is small money, under functional currency unit, are mainly used for auxiliary large denomination currency circulation, for daily sporadic trading or change.
Is a flow of the balance sheet assets projects, including cash, bank deposits and other monetary funds ending balance of the three general ledger accounts, with specialized purposes are not included in the monetary fund.
No real estate and infrastructure, China s economy cannot grow.
2 it is also an advee impact on our lives, such as rising prices, inflation, resulting in a decline in quality of life and living standards.
End violence brother want to say, not only up not down in the world, the currency falls, the trend of decline may be only a matter of time.
Micro point of view, money is more valuable is a good thing, but the macro view, people are more reluctant to spend money, slower economic circulation, is deflation, which can lead to depression.
Mv = p y assumes that the money supply increased m, money velocity v is cotant, the actual output y is cotant, so the increase of m leads to increase in proportion to the general price level p.
The exchange of non-monetary assets generally do not involve monetary assets, but sometimes they may involve a small amount of monetary assets.
The tang dynasty COI order watch?France is a dollar money in China?10 notes for no crease, surface a bit faded, so in 50 yuan;Feel good, look, more than a little praise.
Two hundred thousand how should choose monetary fund?So the advantages and disadvantages is relative.
Can go to the store to buy four bottles of bottled mineral water bottle (500), 7 namesake fizzy mineral water bottle (300) a bottle, you can buy four Fried bananas (500 kyats, component super foot), four chicken leg (500) meat quality is good, girl, you can buy five bags of betel nut (this is noee).
On the base of the establishment and development of process, because is located in the economically backward areas, often is blocked and surrounded.
China merchants securities brokerage of the monetary fund etf unavoidable fees such as how to think?Such bank card and don t need the cash, ATM is disappear, because its function is too single, as long as the integrated in a whole new kind of payment and identify terminal equipment is ok, as long as you pick up a simple small chip, is everything ok.
In 80 and 83 is relatively rare, especially in 80 no brick veion (no brick joint rostrum) more rare, as the Great Wall currency leader has been popular in the collection.
Why the dollar as a global currency, printing dolla right is not in the United Natio and the fed?
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