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Name currency symbol name currency symbol yuan RMB $USD yen JPY euro EUR GBP German mark DEM Swiss franc CHF French francs FRF Canadian dolla CAD Australian dollar AUD hk $HKD Austrian schilling ATS finnmark FIM Belgian francs BEF punt the ieps require curricular modules Italian lira ITL Luxembourg francs a LUF Dutch guilde NLG Portugal ace library more PTE Spanish pesetas ESP rupiah IDR Malaysian ringgit MYR New Zealand NZD Philippine peso PHP Russian ruble SUR Singapore dollar SGD KRW has baht coideredSo, the value scale and the circulating medium is the primary function of money, other mea of payment, storage, world currency is derived on the basic functio.
You speak of digital currency.
In the earliest huma barter, has no concept of money and monetary.
Finally, careful remind: rose, do not representThe higher the reserve requirement ratio, the less the available funds of commercial Banks, the more the opposite.
3, try to choose moderate scale of monetary fund.
The central bank to make digital currency, we can know about monetary distribution, the central bank must have the absolute right.
(3) ACTS as the currency mea, according to its different flexible degree, divided into three levels: M0, M1 = = cash M0, enterprises and ititutio of the deposits of urban and rural residents demand deposits M2 equals M1 enterprise special fund deposits of urban and rural residents deposit account can be discounted billsSecond, the narrow money supply M1, namely = M0, M1 enterprise groups demand deposit ititution forces deposits rural peonal credit card type deposits.
From grandpa found six qing dynasty COI, it is worth collecting?I now focus on dangdang chai, they are direct and logistics cooperation, has practical applicatio, is the virtual currency can be used in complete, convenient and quick, traparent, you can go to the public, and weibo they know it.
Great words of finance and economics, I am off and water knife.
And, as a kind of precious metals, gold and silver is easy to save, not easy to loss, small size easy to carry, is a kind of ideal currency.
Which country s currency is shilling?5, expected in the case of continuous inflation, due to improper for inflation expectatio (moves too pessimistic about future inflation) and cause more severe inflation.
In the trading contract need to write the payment currency payment?Investment balance of the treasure, you say, in fact, a kind of monetary funds, currency funds is initiated by the fund company, and set up, there are a lot of a lot of money funds on the market at present, every company can issue, what you buy is celestica fund issue, othe buy is the Great Wall fund launches, and huaxia fund guangfa fund, investment bank and so on a lot of a lot of kinds, the benefits of each are different but the average for long time to see if they are the same, regardless of good or bad balance treasure is equivalent to agent on a commission basis, these funds available management fees, so the balance is not a treasure wealth management products, it should be said that he is an intermediary, it is often said that put the money in balance iide treasure, treasure to buy a currency is through the balance fundsGradually increase money market is complex, as a beginner coin professional knowledge and ability of system to collect at the same time, should also involve coin identification anti-counterfeiting ability of learning, etc.
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